Toy With Me Tuesday: Perfect Relaxation

After a long day at work I wanted to come home, draw myself a bath, light some candles, pour a glass of wine, and throw on some Frank Sinatra. Toss in my Life vibrator, and it’s a perfect evening.

Toy With Me Tuesday







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A Rant About Anti- Masturbation

On our way home my boyfriend and I were listening to his favorite radio show. A listener sent them an e-mail asking them a pretty personal question.

“If you caught your partner masturbating while you were just in the other room, would it hurt your ego? Would you feel betrayed?”

I laughed to myself about someone thinking this was such a terrible thing. All 4 radio personalities agreed that this was too much of a personal question to answer, and they have all stated in the past that they will not discuss their sex lives on air. I  thought they would change the subject like they usually do until the one female personality decided to comment on the hypothetical situation. She said that if he is still masturbating even though you two have a healthy sex life, and you’re in the next room, then perhaps she should look into the possibility of there being a deeper issue. That if he has you then there’s no need to do it. Maybe he had a sex addiction, and some other crap she spouted off.

This load of bullshit stopped me in my tracks. My first problem with her statement is more obvious than the other, so I’ll start with that one first: Why the hell does she think masturbating automatically means that their sex life isn’t good enough? Let me say this as clear as possible.

  • Masturbating doesn’t mean you aren’t getting enough sex
  • Masturbating doesn’t mean your partner isn’t satisfying you
  • Lastly, masturbating isn’t just for single people

She rambled on making it seem as if your orgasms are solely your partners responsibility. I am an obsessive masturbator. I fuck myself with my toys almost daily, often when my partner is in the next room. Sometimes we even masturbate together, and here’s a myth-buster for you; our sex life is great! I get plenty of sex, my partner knows how to satisfy me, and he does so often.

Now time for my second issue. She kept saying he. “If he’s masturbating even though he’s getting enough sex, then maybe he has a deeper problem.” The listener never specified husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. They also never mentioned if they were a man or a woman. I was so annoyed that this radio personality was implying that only men masturbate. For some god-awful reason, whenever someone mentions masturbation, people seem to picture some dirty guy hunched in the corner of a dark room, vigorously stroking himself while weeping about his sad sex life.

I’m a young woman who has great sex. I would never give up touching myself, not for anyone. While I enjoy time with partner, I also value my solo time where I can explore my body. I pride myself on being able to take my pleasure into my own hands, without having to rely on anyone.  Who the hell said that once you enter a relationship with a satisfying sex life, that you have to stop touching yourself? Crazy people, that’s who.

Masturbating is fun. It’s a great stress reliever, and lets face it; sometimes you will be in the mood when your partner isn’t. That isn’t your fault or theirs. Just take advantage of it and have some mind-blowing orgasms. Masturbating has helped me and many others learn what they like, so they can pass the knowledge along to their partners.

Remember that anyone can masturbate. Never let anyone tell you otherwise!

Time to Play

We went to the hardware store today to pick up a clip for our cuffs. (they’re like $2, why can’t the manufacturer include them?) I got on my computer and my boyfriend did his own thing.

Out of the blue he appears in front of me, holding our new cuffs. He demands I get down on my knees, then pushes my face forward. I smile, because I know whats coming next. Before I know it my hands are cuffed behind my back, and I’m laying face down on the couch with my ass in the air.

B's Slave









He was too eager to get a properly angled photo, or at least one that doesn’t make my butt look lopsided, so you’ll just have to deal with an off center picture with part of my ass cut off. Also, I have no idea why I’m still wearing a shirt.

Sinful Sunday: Cuffed

Picked up some new cuffs today,  unfortunately the hardware store was closed already so they won’t be functional until tomorrow.

Meanwhile I just had to try them on…








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The Undercover Blogger: my tour to all the local adult stores

I have only ever shopped in one adult store, and that’s the one I used to work in. That one in particular was supposedly one of the better ones in my area, but their selection of body safe toys was seriously lacking. There are quite around me that are an hour or less away and I plan to visit them all in my first big project for my blog.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

I’m going to visit 1-2 adult stores a week that carry sex toys. I will be posing as a first time buyer, and looking for some advice on what to buy. In the midst of this I want to assess their selection and find out how body friendly their toys and lubes are. The store I worked at carried a lot of anal toys and only two of them were body safe. None of the other employees ever recommended that the customer use a condom with the toys, not even when they talked about their intent to share. My gut is telling me many other stores around me will be similar so I want to put it to the test.

  • Are the employees knowledgeable on the different types of materials?
  • Do the locations carry a variety of body safe materials and if so, will they recommend them over the lesser ones?
  • How will they react when I comment on the smelly nature of a particular toy?
  • Bonus: Do they have a selection of natural, paraben and glycerin free lubricants?

Just like a lot of other bloggers, the safety of the toys we are shoving in our various orifices is really important to me. I have felt, smelled, and been disgusted by many toys and want to find out just how much these shops know about the danger of these giant jelly disasters.  This post is just a quick summary of what my plans are. I plan to enter each store with a notebook and pen, and ask tons of questions. I’m sure I will look like an uninformed newbie! After each visit I will be compiling all my notes into a (hopefully) organized blog post to show you all what I find!

At the end of all of this I really want to create some informational flyers that I can hand out to my local stores. I witnessed first hand many customers leaving our store with terrible toys. When no one else was around I always tried to steer them to one of the few silicone options. I actually managed to do it 8 out of 10 times, even after they had already made their selection and were working their way to the counter to pay.

I feel that there are a fair amount of affordable silicone and glass options. There is no excuse for companies and stores to continue selling these dangerous toys. I am making my first stop tonight and hope to post about it tomorrow. I have no idea how this will go over, so wish me luck!

A New Beginning

I’ve made a lot of promises to myself and to others that I was going to start blogging and posting reviews. For some reason I just wasn’t looking forward to it and I’ve been putting it off for a while. I have wondered to myself what the problem was. I love writing and I love talking about what I know, and I know sex toys!

The problem is I have been so worried about doing what I think everyone else wants to see, rather than just being myself. Trying to get as many Facebook friends as possible and really only promoting myself, until I just got bored with it. The truth is that it’s not really fun. I don’t want to blog to make money or even to get free stuff. (Those would be bonuses.) I just want to educate others about the dangerous materials lurking in their toys. I want to write about sex, masturbation, and share my experiences. I want to make friends with like minded people.

I work in a very corporate business and quite frankly, it sucks. This is where I can come and be myself. The first step I have already started to take is deleting tons of Facebook friends. I don’t really care to communicate with 600 pervy guys just looking for some naked pictures. Second, will be publishing my first review here this week.

I am going to take a chance and just be me. I am finally ready to dive head first into this, and I hope to pick up some friends and followers along the way.

Fairly Lengthy Post Coming Soon

I’m working on a blog post that’ll probably take me a while to finish getting together. It’s going to explain what I realized in the last week about myself.

I’ve deleted 2 blog posts because they were just me being someone I’m not. I can’t have fun blogging and (hopefully) making friends if I’m not staying true to myself.

A little announcement: After I finish my last 2 reviews I will probably stop reviewing products on a popular sex toy site that will rename nameless for now. (Like anyone reading this doesn’t know what I’m talking about…) I adore the couple of friends I have made there, but I can’t help but feel that myself and many others are being tricked into portraying a false sense of security and happiness for all the newbies. I’m fighting with whether or not I want to elaborate, so for now I will leave it at that.

On a brighter note, my Vr6.5 came!


New Toys!

So I received a package today with 2 new toys! I am so excited to try them out. Hopefully tonight I will get to use both and share a little as well.

Look for the reviews in the next couple days!

Sweet Surrender

*Warning this is an erotic story. If you are not okay with sexual stories then please leave now.

After weeks of counting down, it is finally our anniversary. B always takes me out on special dates but this time would be extra special. We had spent weeks looking at collars before we finally decided on a gorgeous stealth collar and tonight he will finally put it on me. I set aside 3 hours to get ready for our event, perfecting my straight black waist length hair. After putting the finishing touches on my makeup I slip on a long sleeve lace mini dress. It’s his favorite because it cuts low in the back showing off my large tattoo.

He watches me as the lacey number slips over my hips and I can see his fingers itching to grab them. “Maybe I’ll put on a little show” I think to myself before wiggling my hips just enough, then innocently bend over to grab my shoes. I know my ass is his second favorite part of my body, only second to my boobs. That is exactly why I skipped the bra tonight.
I start to imagine his hands roaming all of me and can already feel the moist spot forming in my panties. “You ready sweetheart?” He calls from the living room, ripping me from my fantasy.
The ride to the restaurant was almost unbearable. He knew I was feeling especially horny so he rested his hand just high enough on my thigh. God my pussy was aching to be touched. I knew his game so I decided to play it back. All I had to do was run my fingers lightly over his upper thigh, slightly grazing the tip of his penis. Sure enough after a short time, I could feel the bulge in his pants growing.
Dinner was more of the same with a side of sushi, our favorite. Sometimes I just wish we could skip the meal and go straight onto what we both want. He just loves these teasing games though! For dessert we had dessert spring rolls that were drizzled in chocolate and strawberry sauce. I love to eat with my hands so after every few bites I’d stop and slowly lick my fingers. Once again I could see that glorious bulge growing. We were tucked away in our own little corner so he slowly slipped his fingers under my dress, just lightly brushing the outside of my panties.
I pleaded with my eyes for more but he wasn’t going to stop his game quite yet. “Fine” I thought. His jeans were just loose enough for me to slip my hand into them. I waste no time and head for his cock then swirl my fingers around the tip. That’s when I heard that wonderful sharp intake of breath and knew it was all over. He asked our server for the check very abruptly, threw down some cash and we headed back to the car. Finally, on our way home. I could feel his eyes on me the whole way home and I couldn’t contain my excitement, I was practically dancing in my seat!
Once home it was no bullshit. He didn’t dance around the issue, but instead jerked my dress off and pushed me onto the bed hard. I feel his hand go around my neck and I am home. He leans in to kiss my neck, then whispers “Is this what you wanted, you dirty slut?” I nod, god this feels so good. His hands around my neck are making my pussy dripping wet. With me still restrained he leans down to remove my panties with the other. His expert fingers dance around my clit and I am practically screaming for relief. He sticks two fingers in my mouth and I obey his silent command, and suck. After what seems like an eternity, I look down and notice he’s naked. I giggle to myself wondering when he took his clothes off. Before I know it his fingers are working my pussy. Two fingers in and his thumb rubbing my clit, just the way I like it.
He hits my g-spot with expert precision and I can tell I’m about to cum. Oh it’s building and I explode. My toes curl, my back arches, and just when I think its over he forces his rock hard cock into me. Right then and there I cum again. His cock is so slick from my juices that going bare feels even more amazing than usual. Holy shit he’s making me cum again!
My pussy is so sensitive he knows I can’t handle it anymore, so he flips me over and eases into my ass. I feel myself stretch open and I swear just thinking of how this looks almost sends me over the edge again. Right before I’m about to collapse from exhaustion his moans get louder and then I feel his cock throb and explode in my ass. With both of us panting and his cum running out of my ass, he pulls out and pulls me onto him.
Lying on his back he reaches over to his bedside table and grabs a square black box. Instantly I know what it is! Inside of it is a silky dark purple bag, he then pulls my matte finish collar out of it. I perk up instantly as he pushes my hair to the side then puts it on. It fits perfectly, and I know it will comfort me when he’s not with me. It reminds me that I am owned by him, forever. He kisses my nose before telling me he loves me, and we drift off to sleep. Another perfect night, with the perfect man.
*Note this was originally posted January 25 on my old blog.

Changing My Mind…Again.

So I spent a good amount of time months ago getting this blog together. For some reason I decided to use blogger instead and now I’m very unhappy with it. Everyone told me to go with blogger because it is simpler, but now that I have used it I can’t stand just how simple it is.

That brings me here again. I will be bringing a couple posts from there over to here and hopefully keeping up with this one much better since I like it more. Unfortunately, I have to start over!