A Rant About Anti- Masturbation

On our way home my boyfriend and I were listening to his favorite radio show. A listener sent them an e-mail asking them a pretty personal question.

“If you caught your partner masturbating while you were just in the other room, would it hurt your ego? Would you feel betrayed?”

I laughed to myself about someone thinking this was such a terrible thing. All 4 radio personalities agreed that this was too much of a personal question to answer, and they have all stated in the past that they will not discuss their sex lives on air. I  thought they would change the subject like they usually do until the one female personality decided to comment on the hypothetical situation. She said that if he is still masturbating even though you two have a healthy sex life, and you’re in the next room, then perhaps she should look into the possibility of there being a deeper issue. That if he has you then there’s no need to do it. Maybe he had a sex addiction, and some other crap she spouted off.

This load of bullshit stopped me in my tracks. My first problem with her statement is more obvious than the other, so I’ll start with that one first: Why the hell does she think masturbating automatically means that their sex life isn’t good enough? Let me say this as clear as possible.

  • Masturbating doesn’t mean you aren’t getting enough sex
  • Masturbating doesn’t mean your partner isn’t satisfying you
  • Lastly, masturbating isn’t just for single people

She rambled on making it seem as if your orgasms are solely your partners responsibility. I am an obsessive masturbator. I fuck myself with my toys almost daily, often when my partner is in the next room. Sometimes we even masturbate together, and here’s a myth-buster for you; our sex life is great! I get plenty of sex, my partner knows how to satisfy me, and he does so often.

Now time for my second issue. She kept saying he. “If he’s masturbating even though he’s getting enough sex, then maybe he has a deeper problem.” The listener never specified husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. They also never mentioned if they were a man or a woman. I was so annoyed that this radio personality was implying that only men masturbate. For some god-awful reason, whenever someone mentions masturbation, people seem to picture some dirty guy hunched in the corner of a dark room, vigorously stroking himself while weeping about his sad sex life.

I’m a young woman who has great sex. I would never give up touching myself, not for anyone. While I enjoy time with partner, I also value my solo time where I can explore my body. I pride myself on being able to take my pleasure into my own hands, without having to rely on anyone.  Who the hell said that once you enter a relationship with a satisfying sex life, that you have to stop touching yourself? Crazy people, that’s who.

Masturbating is fun. It’s a great stress reliever, and lets face it; sometimes you will be in the mood when your partner isn’t. That isn’t your fault or theirs. Just take advantage of it and have some mind-blowing orgasms. Masturbating has helped me and many others learn what they like, so they can pass the knowledge along to their partners.

Remember that anyone can masturbate. Never let anyone tell you otherwise!


2 thoughts on “A Rant About Anti- Masturbation

  1. Everyone is responsible for their own orgasms. Period. And why would you put someone else in charge of a job unless you know how to tell if they’re doing it correctly? Masturbation is easy, harmless, a great stress-reliever, and should be a life-long occupation for everyone.

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