The Undercover Blogger: my tour to all the local adult stores

I have only ever shopped in one adult store, and that’s the one I used to work in. That one in particular was supposedly one of the better ones in my area, but their selection of body safe toys was seriously lacking. There are quite around me that are an hour or less away and I plan to visit them all in my first big project for my blog.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

I’m going to visit 1-2 adult stores a week that carry sex toys. I will be posing as a first time buyer, and looking for some advice on what to buy. In the midst of this I want to assess their selection and find out how body friendly their toys and lubes are. The store I worked at carried a lot of anal toys and only two of them were body safe. None of the other employees ever recommended that the customer use a condom with the toys, not even when they talked about their intent to share. My gut is telling me many other stores around me will be similar so I want to put it to the test.

  • Are the employees knowledgeable on the different types of materials?
  • Do the locations carry a variety of body safe materials and if so, will they recommend them over the lesser ones?
  • How will they react when I comment on the smelly nature of a particular toy?
  • Bonus: Do they have a selection of natural, paraben and glycerin free lubricants?

Just like a lot of other bloggers, the safety of the toys we are shoving in our various orifices is really important to me. I have felt, smelled, and been disgusted by many toys and want to find out just how much these shops know about the danger of these giant jelly disasters.  This post is just a quick summary of what my plans are. I plan to enter each store with a notebook and pen, and ask tons of questions. I’m sure I will look like an uninformed newbie! After each visit I will be compiling all my notes into a (hopefully) organized blog post to show you all what I find!

At the end of all of this I really want to create some informational flyers that I can hand out to my local stores. I witnessed first hand many customers leaving our store with terrible toys. When no one else was around I always tried to steer them to one of the few silicone options. I actually managed to do it 8 out of 10 times, even after they had already made their selection and were working their way to the counter to pay.

I feel that there are a fair amount of affordable silicone and glass options. There is no excuse for companies and stores to continue selling these dangerous toys. I am making my first stop tonight and hope to post about it tomorrow. I have no idea how this will go over, so wish me luck!